Nomination and Award Guidance

Who can make a nomination, and who can be nominated?
Nominations can be made by the prospective nominee themselves, by a third party or by the event organisers. Practices, employers, institutes, clients, suppliers and colleagues who have had positive contact with the marketing profession are encouraged to make nominations to ensure the fullest range of candidates are put forward. Marketing professionals who meet the criteria for a category can also make their own entry. The period for work referred to runs from October 2022 to October 2023, other than for awards such as Outstanding Achievement which is assessed over a longer period.

Entries are open to all individuals, teams and agencies from all industry sectors operating within the following areas: Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Teeside and Redcar & Cleveland

Criteria for each award can be viewed on the categories page. Please note nominations can only be accepted for one category per individual in the following categories: To be Confirmed

How are nominations made?
Making a nomination is very straightforward and is designed to be targeted and not overly time consuming. You simply need to fill in the online form for the relevant category and this will be submitted automatically to us once completed. Each category has a list of criteria which should be referred to in your nomination. We suggest a max of 200 words per criteria item however some criteria will require a longer response than others!

Following the nomination deadline the Judges will review all submitted nominations and successful nominations will progress to the judging day.

What is the Judging Process?
A “Meet the Judges” event will take place for all successful nominees, this will take place on Monday 6th November 2023 at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead. This will be an opportunity for the Judging Panel to discuss the nomination with the nominee in a dedicated interview slot.

When are the winners announced?
The winners of the Awards will then be announced at the Awards Dinner on Thursday 30th November 2023